Business, Industry and Tourism

Proposals for business, industrial and tourism development can raise particular issues for planning applications. On the one hand the economic benefits of the development for a local area can be a key factor in promoting the proposals but often the characteristics of the proposals result in significant impacts on the local environment and communities.

It is therefore crucial to be able to present both the benefits of a proposal with environmental and community issues/concerns together with opportunities for mitigation that still retain project viability.

Hargest Planning Limited have experience in a range of these types of developments from project inception and appraisal through to the final discharge of planning conditions.


Ronaldsway Business ParkBusiness park and hotel adjacent in Isle of Man. For Isle Of Man Enterprises.
Fordel View, DalkeithTourism attraction, retail, hotel and services. For Oakridge Property.
Falkirk GatewayMixed business, offices, retail, hotel and related facilities, Falkirk. For Macdonald Estates.
New RDC for Lidl UK GmbH, EurocentralPlanning advice for new 65,000 sq m / 21 ha Regional Distribution Centre for Lidl UK GmbH.