Environmental Impact

Certain major development proposals require the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments to accompany planning applications. Although these formal EIAs are required for only a comparatively small number of projects supporting environmental information is frequently requested by planning authorities to accompany applications for a wide range of development proposals.

Hargest Planning Limited assist in the submission of both formal EIAs and other environmental statements and reports. Services include:

  • Identification of appropriate specialists for environmental reports.
  • Co-ordination of specialists, review/editing of reports preparation of non-technical summaries.
  • Preparation of specialist studies relating to social, economic and planning topics for inclusion in EIAs.
  • Applications for Screening opinions
  • Scoping of EIAs
  • Review of alternative sites/projects and mitigation for inclusion in EIA
  • Specialist inputs into the EIA of transport projects


Fordel, DalkeithCo-ordination of EIA for Oakridge Property.
Falkirk GatewayCo-ordination of environmental information for major planning application for Macdonald Estates.
Raeburn Place, EdinburghCo-ordination and review of environmental information for planning application for Edinburgh Academicals FC.
New RDC for Lidl UK GmbH, EurocentralInitial specification of briefs and co- ordination of specialist environmental consultants plus EIA Screening for major application for new 65,000 sq m / 21 ha.